Anonymous USDT Mixer

Now USDT Mixer can provide Cross-Chain Sevice. You can easily fill in your receive address of any Chain and pay by any Chain. 

  • USDT mix in Process3,272
  • Available USDT can handle in Stock 38,363
  • *USDT ADDRESS:We suggest you use clean address to receive your clean USDT,new address better not had transaction with old one.
  • *DEALY:Delay is the time we use to mix your coin .It will start after we receive your coin(Two block chain confirmation),time delay may get longer when block chain is busy , longer delay has better security of your coin mix .
  • *HANDLING FEE:If your handling fee below 0.045ETH with ERC20 PAY,we will deduction 0.045ETH as handling fee.If your handling fee below 0.0015BTC with OMNI PAY,we will deduction 0.0015BTC as handling fee.If your handling fee below50USDT with TRC20 PAY,we will deduction 50USDT as handling fee.Handing fee based on amount we receive your coin,your transaction fee not included in our fee.
  • *BLOCK CHAIN ISOLATION:Send Address and Receive Address had no connection at all.